Hi!  I am Melody, a real coffee addict, lover of everything and anything related to coffee!!  I am a “recovering” pastor’s kid lol, with a querky sense of humor, who loves to encourage others and bring coffee joy to them! I also play the keyboard/piano and sing.  My faith in God is the strength of my life, and He is my Abba Father.

My background is in coffee, and was in the business for around 15 years.  I fell in love with coffee, after pulling my first shot of espresso, at Downtown Disneyland’s La Brea Bakery Café.  I saw how people loved the whole coffee experience, and I also fell in love with my customers, bringing caffeine and smiles to their faces!

I have worked in many coffee businesses, including local Central Ca Coast shops, along with Starbuck’s trained, in several, from barista, to management.  I absolutely loved them all, and learned so much.  I am known as the “Coffee Lady”.

In 2011, I changed my coffee path, to caring for my Mother fulltime.  She suffered from vascular dementia and Alzheimer’s, which took her life November 5th, 2012.

My Mother is the reason for Melody’s Coffee Addiction.  I thank God for giving me my facebook page and now my new website.

I hope and pray that you take something from my blog and website. We need to plant seeds of kindness and love.

Life is short.  Tell people you love them as much as possible.  Keep the faith and keep going !

Your Online Coffee Lady,